Occultis Insula

A redcap visits

A french redcap called Giselle, came through on the newest leg of her round to pass on the current notices and news going around the tribunal.

After meeting the witches
Place holder for Witch negotiations & seasons
Meeting the witches pt2

We met the witches, all 3+1 of them… and then there were ghosts!

Meeting the witches pt1

Hanging around in the swamp, waiting for witches.

The First Council
Spring 1220

After trudging through swamp and mud, across hidden paths, unpacking the resources supplied by various sponsors, the Magi declare the foundation of the covenant


Iocosus Ex Flambeu, of no reputation yet, no overly large but with a hearty disposition.

Sulis Ex Miscellanea, with no real reputation. A petite woman of plain features, but with a rather captivating voice and a graceful air. She always has a number of bottles on her person

Spira of House Flambeau is a tall, slender, anxious-looking maga with chestnut brown hair, dark eyes and very fair skin. She tends to wear her hair in a ponytail tied with a leather thong and always looks apologetic.

Artifex Avium Ex Mercere a man of average build but with a hardy craftworn air. He does where the red cap of his house.

Ictinus Setne Ex Guernicus, a young Greek man with a prominent Adam’s apple & short curly brown hair. Pale from years spent indoors and the ink stained fingers of a scribe. He appears tall due to his slender build but is only on the tall side of average for a Mediterranean man. It is very unusual to see him without some form of written text about his person.

Drusilla of the Violet Eyes a Maga of House Merinita, the marks of her fairy touch are apparent. she is a gracefull beautiful young woman whose attire is intended for the outdoor work. S

Videtur Ex Tytalus is of Eastern European in appearance. Dark hair cut neatly short and slight build he comes across as someone trying to show confidence in his actions. Always taking notes on things he sees that seem nothing to others.
In the begining
finalsising set up

To Do

Add Spells in the Library

Names for Covenant Specialists

Companion characters – can be put off but should collate ideas about role


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