Artifex Avium Project notes

Future research projects



a small raven shaped automata that will function as scout and message carrier


Raven Automota:

  • Size: -8 (Rat)
    Material: 10 (5 (Metal) 2 (Small))
    Divine Might = 12

abilities, flight, improved stats intelligence and communication, ability for caster o see and hear through its senses

Carier bird

a large automata shapped as a large falcon with a saddle on its back.

this is primarally designed as a riding beast

iron and leather

increased stats strength, quickness.
ability to either go invisable or generate a cloud bank to hide in.

davide’s hand

a clockwork hand for the head guard

materials bronze

magic might 10 -8(size) + 5 (base metal) = 7

mental control
if possable create a sword


Talisman wrist crosbow

Form bonus:

bow destroy things at at distance 5
glove maniplate things at a distance 4
glove bonus to affect things by touch 4

Material bonus:

holly inflict wounds 2
holly inflict pain 2
pin feather flight 5
pin feather auram 2

shoots bolts of energy/wind that does physical danage to targets
allows flight/transportation to area hit by bolt shot from it.


Controlling the mindless drone

rego mentam

allows user to posess the body of an automoton and control it as if it was his own

fit through the door

muto terram

allows the user to shrink an item so that large constructs can be moved more easilt through doors and the like

curse of breaths abandonment

perdo Auram

Range:sight Duration: Concentration Target individual
no matter how hard victim tries air will not pass his lips or nose

Blessing of the boundless sky

creo auram

the magos is able to breath clean fresh air no matter the sorrundings even underwater.

Artifex Avium Project notes

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