Occultis Insula

Going to see the Foremen!


This faerie market continues to amaze. Whilst I am sure caution is needed in dealing with these otherworldly folk the traditional mischief, even cruelty of the Fae is here less apparent, supplanted it would seem by a yen for creation and an industrious spirit rare in the world.
It is clear the search for Himminus’ work will take us further afield before we can resolve this matter. But having seen the organisation & head for creation of these ‘elfs’ I can but wonder whether they would appreciate the opportunity to work in a hermetic lab.
By going directly to the work force of artisans and craftsmen we have circumvented the traders and merchants of this place. Hopefully we have not burnt any bridges there. I suspect some respectful show of acknowledging their authority may well be a tactful next move.


Joedylan2000 Jan_Stanek

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