Occultis Insula

Going to see the Foremen! Part 2


Oh Alphonso… Is that his name? Never trade things with a faerie without specifying the details. Fortunately he seems well, so nothing to worry about there for now.
The Foreman was very reasonable, a mass of aurum for the lab notes pertaining to the copy of Himminuses (sp?) puzzlebox… so 3 Creo & 1 Terram. Thank you ‘Touch of Midas’.
It seems that the now grog hatted faerie has been thrown out from the faerie market. Maybe we’ll hear from him again some day.
Am I to distanced from our grogs? What would Aristotle have to say about how we consider the turb guards and other workers about the covenant? I suspect I’m overthinking these things.


Joedylan2000 Jan_Stanek

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