Research Texts (Arts)

Art Type Level Quality Title author
Creo Summa 12 19 Basic mastery of Techniques Vol 1 Predicibus of Bonisagus
Intellego Summa 12 19 Basic mastery of Techniques Vol 2 Predicibus of Bonisagus
Muto Summa 12 19 Basic mastery of Techniques Vol 3 Predicibus of Bonisagus
Perdo Summa 12 19 Basic mastery of Techniques Vol 4 Predicibus of Bonisagus
Rego Summa 12 19 Basic mastery of Techniques Vol5 Predicibus of Bonisagus
Animal Tractatus n/a 6 Notes on the magical properties of Toads Mafynwy of Ex Miscellanea
Aquam Tractatus n/a 6 ‘a collection of slightly water damaged pages’ unknown
Auram Tractatus n/a 6 Some thoughts on the occult formation of clouds Zephyrus of Criamon
Corpus Summa 16 15 How to turn people you don’t like into things, part 1 mastering corpus Mafynwy Ex Miscellanea
Herbam Tractatus n/a 6 Finding Mushrooms Roland of Merinita
Ignem Summa 12 19 Fundamentals of Magical Combustion Erasmus of Flambeu
Imaginem Tractatus n/a 6 What the mushrooms showed me by Roland of Merinita
Mentem Summa 16 15 The nature of Spirt and Mind as manifest through Hermetic magic Obscurus of Bonisagus
Vim Summa 12 19 Things every apprentice needs to know but you don’t want to teach Litererlus of Verditius
  • …of Techniques are glossed by Ictinus Setne… those are not Forms!

Research Texts (Abilities)

Ability Type Level Quality Title Author
Artes Liberales Summa 3 15 Exerpts from Ciceros speeches
Civil & Canon Law Summa 3 15 Commentary on Justian Unknown Author
Civil & Canon Law Summa 2 11 Edicts of Augustus Unknown author
with additional glosses pertaining to the cult of mercury
Common Law Summa 3 15 ..
Finesse Summa 5 20 Graceful Magic Elijah of Jerbiton
Magic Lore Summa 3 15 Naturally occurring vis sources and their weaknesses Salome of Tytalus
Magic Theory Summa 5 20 Convincing and useful lies about the universe by Contras of Criamon
Organisation Lore: OoH Tractatus N/A 7 Who not to annoy and how to avoid doing so Impedimenta bani Flambeau
Parma Magica Summa 5 20 The impenetrable shield By Bonisagus
Penetration Summa 5 20 Methods for breaching Deidine defences Calibras of Gurnicus
Philosophiae Summa 3 15 ..
Cult of Mercury Lore Tractatus N/A 9 Roman Astrological Correspondences of Mercury Unknown author
glossed by the author/copyist of the book

Grimoires / Lab Texts

Format is:

Name of Spell/Lab Text Tech Form Level Range Duration Target

A single loose leaf bound folio of unknown provenance

Incantation of the Body Made Whole Creo Corpus 40 Touch Mom Ind, Ritual
Heals all damage to a human body at the conclusion of the ritual. The spell can only heal wounds, not such damage as missing limbs, or diseases and damage from poisons (Base 35, +1 Touch) [Main Rulebook, p129]

An annotated text written in two different hands, the first concerning the spell the second the lab text for the Item.

The Leap of Homecoming Rego Corpus 35 Per Mom Ind
Transports you to any place to which you have an Arcane Connection. Most magi use this to return to their laboratories (Base 35) [Main Rulebook, p135]
Seven League Stride (Item) Re Co 40 Per Mom Ind
Enchants a pair of boots with unlimited uses (base 30+10)

A Grimoire called Spells of Flame

Ball of Abysmal Flame cre ig 35 Voice Momentary Individual
Hurls a deadly ball of flame at a target.
The Obedient Fire Reg Ig 20 voice conc Ind
controls the spread of an existing fire [HoH soc page 37]

An unbound parchment sheaf of spells, scribed by Dru

Enchantment of the scrying pool intellego aquam 30
pg 122 main book
lungs of fish intellego aquam 20
pg 122 main book
converse with plant and tree intelligo herbem 25
pg 136 main book
bridge of wood creo herbem 20 voice sun indv
hunt for wild herb intelligo herbem 5 per concentration smell
comfort of the drenched traveler perdo aquam 5 touch moment individual
Intuition of the forest intelligo herbem 10 touch sun group
Whispering Winds Intellego Auram 15 sight concentration individual
broom of the winds creo auram 15 voice momentary individual
palm of flame 5 creo ingem touch concentration individual
conjure the sturdy vine Creo herbem 5 voice sun individual

On a single 3’ by 7/8’ carved fossilized bark tablet

Aegis of the Hearth Rego Vim 50 Touch Year Boundary, Ritual
AM pg. 161

Matters of useImpedimenta bani Flambeau Autumn 1221

Charm against putrefaction Creo Corpus 10 Touch Moon Individual
AM pg. 129
Chirurgeon’s healing touch Creo Corpus 20 Touch Mom Individual, Ritual
AM pg. 129
Restoration of the defiled body Creo Corpus 25 Touch Mom Individual, Ritual
AM pg 129
Wizard’s communion Muto Vim 25 Voice Mom Group
AM pg 160


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