Occultis Insula


Spread over several islands lost in the middle of a vast swamp off the Venice lagoon, built amongst the bones of old settlements you will find our covenant.

Magic Aura 5


Magi 6

Custos TBD 

Grogs TBD


Name Scale Description
Aura minor The magical aura
Aura minor A better magical aura
Difficult Access minor It's a swamp!  You need a boat to get there.
Healthy Feature minor A crystal clear spring.
Healthy Feature minor Fragrant flowers clearing the 'Mal Air' source of disease.
Hedge Tradition minor There be witches! Friendly witches.
Seclusion minor It's a long way into the swamp.
Ungoverned minor Nobles' opinion: "It's a stinking swamp!"
Vast & Labyrinthine minor Spread across many islands linked by bridges and other ways.
Vast Aura minor The aura covers the whole covenant and surrounds.



Name Scale Description
Distorted Covenfolk minor Webbed fingers & toes?
Fallen Temple minor An ancient temple of Mercury with shrines to many gods.
Haunted Site minor
Hermetic Politics minor
Indigents minor Swamp folk.
Regio, non-magical minor
Roman Ruins minor
Ruined Covenant major It's seen better centuries.

Specialists (NPC Custos)

Carpenter 5

Blacksmith 5

Stone Mason 5

Survival 4









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